Buying A House in London

Are you considering buying a house in London? The UK property market is becoming a hub of important business activities like property finding in London. As the competition increases, so will the prices.

There are important things to consider when buying a home in London. We have provided some tips below. This is by no means an exhaustive list, but covers the fundamental factors:


Location, location, location. We’ve all heard it. Location is an important factor when property searching in London. The surrounding areas should not be vulnerable to floods. Check for cracks, stains and discolored walls as these not only link to future physical deterioration but also signify health hazards. The property should be within walking distance to local amenities and schools if you have or plan to have a family.

You should consider the value of more central locations. Central London is amazing and would be a great investment in the ever growing market as you are close to the shopping hubs like Oxford Street, King’s Road, Sloane Street and Covent Garden.

West End is for travel lovers where you are close to the infamous west end shows like Billy Elliot, Stomp, Matilda and Phantom of the Oprah (to name a few).

Notting Hill, West Chelsea and World’s End are for entertainment lovers. Chelsea, Kensington, Notting Hill are known for food and restaurants.

Expert Advice

It’s always a good idea to get an expert opinion; A surveyor can determine the condition of the property and what repairs it might needed. A certified home inspection will help you make a more informed decision, and it can save you from nightmares that could cost you a lot of money if not revealed in time. Hiring experienced agents such as ourselves can be beneficial as we can guide you through the market and processes to ensure the property you are buying is in good working order and minimise future risks.

Access to Public Transport

Proximity to public transport is also a key. Rather than buying an isolated London property, it will be wise to select one close to bus and tube stations.

Social Interactions

If you are considering a property, don’t be afraid to knock on neighbours’ doors. This is a gold mine of information like building and rental restrictions or upcoming developments.

The Price Factor

Lastly, do not ignore your affordability. Houses in London range dramatically. If you can afford it, look for a house with an extra bedroom. This will allow for future family growth and reduce the need to move immediately. Do not hurry while buying a house in London. You need to consider a lot of factors and you must be prepared to compromise.

We at Bowery London can help search for properties that fit your requirements and do the hard work for you. Contact us today to see how we can help you find your perfect home or property investment.

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