London Underground – The Dreaded Past

When we think about about London, the first thing that comes mind is the Big Ben, the London Eye or the London Bridge. These are some of the most prominent landmarks in the buzzing metropolis. There is much more to London that residents may not be aware of. Beneath the surface of this famous and beautiful capital city lies countless layers of its past. All of these layers tell us a story, a story of victory, tragedy, success and failure. This underground world remains forgotten by the millions that live above it. There are secrets waiting to be unraveled and if you look closely you might find some.

The first layer of this great city was laid by the Romans in the 1st century AD when they came and founded settlements along River Thames. This century old civilization still has its remains buried underneath the modern world. The pieces of the original Roman town includes; walls, statues and the ground for fierce Gladiators; The Amphitheatre.

In the 14th century, when plague spread across London killing more than half of London’s population within the time period of just 2 years. It’s safe to say that London has had its fair share of death. In 1666, the terrible Great Fire of London swallowed the city’s large timber framed buildings. These events carve out one of another important layer of London, the one filled with death and despair. But Britain fought to rebuild the city and did with great success.

The Victorian’s have contributed immensely to the city’s infrastructure; they dug the first tunnel under the river as well as laying foundation of the world’s most iconic mass transport system. During World War II these underground tunnels, railway stations and tubes played a huge part in sheltering people from the air raids and helping the army to fight war from within the city. The Prime Minister Sir Winston Churchill also had a restroom hidden underground.

Apart from providing shelter to the people, these underground tunnels also provided shelter to the priceless pieces of Art at war times, many solid vaults stacked with silver and what not. One of the most important underground shelter is the Kingsway Telephone Exchange. The London Underground is a beautifully knit tapestry of wires, construction tunnels and pipes. This secret underground city uncovers 2000 years old subterranean history. It includes everything from ancient caves, Roman remains, Top secret bunkers to Mysterious Rivers, and vaults of silver and gruesome plague pits. There’s much history to learn about this beautiful city.

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