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London, the capital city of both England and The United Kingdom is a global city and home to people from all walks of life; a diverse metropolitan which caters for people from various races, ethnicities, work, and fields. From all around the world people are moving to London due to the availability of a vast array of opportunities that it provides, giving individuals the platform to shine and prosper in the fields of business, fashions, commerce, education, media and etc.

The main issue that many people go through is not finding the right place to live, or having a home that is both affordable and isn’t that far away from their work and the city. London is divided into various parts that can be broken down for all individuals, for young professionals, couples, families or for those on a budget. Living in London might be a little difficult if you don’t have an idea of the areas around.

When choosing a home for yourself, try looking as close as to your work place, this would make commuting easier and would save expenses as well. If you are looking at the suburbs, you can always make use of London’s extensive transport system ranging from taxis to buses to underground network.

For well settled individuals and families, THE NORTH would be ideal since they are claimed to be real English suburbs with a nice quiet life, pubs and quiet neighborhoods. In this area you won’t find struggling people who are yet to climb the mountain of achievement. Having so many perks also comes with a big fat price; this area is pretty pricey for living and maintaining.

If you’re looking to be with the crowd then NORTH WEST London is the place for you. Include areas such as Notting Hill, Willesden Green, Kilburn, Wembley, and Camden. These localities have markets that are buoyant and lively, the top notch and cool restaurants and the ‘IN’ crowd. These too are pricey and are home to many working individuals, but if you want all these benefits and yet want something that isn’t too much of a strain on your pocket, then the last two localities are for you.

SOUTH LONDON is a newer area and if compared to many, is a bit less costly. They have become popular over the years since many previous industrial buildings have been converted into flats and lofts, giving home to young professionals or artists. The only downfall is that it is a bit far away from Central London and commuting might be a little difficult for many. But if you lack the finances then this is the place for home searching!

WEST AND CENTRAL LONDON is what people all around the world have come to know, it is where the tourists hoard in to have a look at the royals in the Kensington Palace, Buckingham Palace and the famous Hyde Park. This area is chosen by youngsters as it gives them all the hype and puff of living in the city and commuting from here is quite easy.

SOUTH EAST includes Greenwich, Docklands, Canary Wharf where the latter localities are currently booming with new housing and business bursting up all over the place. There are proper good transport links and accommodation is reasonably priced.

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